From this day on…

Wordle of Structural Bioinformatics definition according to Wikipedia.

Hi Everyone,

From today I will bring you, on a regular basis, articles related to Structural Bioinformatics. Two things propelled me to start this blog.

  1. When I realized recently that a structural bioinformatician are still not taken seriously by some others. (Yes, that’s right. We are sometimes the butt of jokes usually during their water break!). No hard feelings, wet-lab guys and gals. Don’t worry there is no acid-spewing acrimonious stuff coming here. I did not decide to start this blog to get back to you. 😛
  2. Reading the Nature news article on one of the 2012 Nobel prize in Chemistry winner Prof. Kobilka. He published the ground-breaking work of an active GPCR in complex with a G protein.

So, you are asking what’s this blog about? Well, to begin with it is about bioinformatics articles that are recently published (and once in a while we would take a trip to the past) that specifically discusses about proteins and their structures. Sounds good?

Let’s see how it proceeds and where this journey takes me to. 🙂

Yours Truly,

A structural bioinformatician…

1 comment
  1. Ran said:


    I would like to call myself a computational structural biologist, but for sure I am looking forward to reading all your posts!!! 🙂

    Good luck!!!

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