1. I’m receiving more and more of these. Annoying. I bet they are coming from Nigeria. Thanks for raising awareness.

    • ragothamanyennamalli said:

      You are welcome. I think they more widespread than from Nigeria. 🙂 I get one such email every month! My PI gets 5-6/month.

  2. Why if it is a web based contact form, it is not legit?
    Do we have to send letters to check? How about e-mail address?
    How if they use an address that is actually not theirs? for example, they can use the address of a University, how can we check it?
    thanks for your answer

    • ragothamanyennamalli said:

      A general rule of thumb I use is that if you have not heard about the journal before, you need to use some caution. It may be a new journal, it may not be. If it is web based contact form, then it means the publisher is hiding his identity, his location from you. All legit journals have the editor’s and a general email id put prominently in their page.
      If you are still not convinced after checking website, then send email to one of the authors.
      If you think they are using someone else’s email id, I guess a basic google search of the email will tell you, who is the owner of the email id. Again, the scammers are quite smart and as days go, they will turn up new tricks. I think it is better to be safe than sorry here. Hope this helps.

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