Schrödinger’s Protein Design Webinar

Register and join us next week for a seminar on protein design using the Biologics Suite! This seminar is free of charge and our speaker, Dr. David Pearlman, will take questions from the audience in a Q&A session.

Recent Advances in Protein Design using the Biologics Suite – Featuring BioLuminate 

Tuesday, June 24

10 am and 1 pm EDT 

Schrödinger’s structure-based design platform for biologics – the Biologics Suite, featuring BioLuminate – includes a number of important tools for modeling biologics, antibodies, and proteins. In this presentation, we discuss recent applications of the Suite to protein and antibody design, including:  


  • Alanine scanning to identify mutational hot spots
  • A new approach to identify residue mutations favorable for forming a cysteine disulfide
  • Dramatic success using Prime de novo loop prediction to model antibody H3 loop structures, including first-place performance in the Second Blinded Antibody Modeling Assessment (AMA-II)
  • Incorporating residue mutation affinity calculations into workflows to facilitate enzyme design



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